Production management

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If you have one or more of the following vision and work experience, you can contact us and we will provide an interesting and meaningful opportunity

Job description:

1, responsible for workshop periodic monitoring of product quality in every job position and product manufacturing state, provide technical guidance to ensure that quality objectives, to participate in product quality problem analysis, formulation and implementation of corrective and preventive actions;

2. Supervise, mark and check the quality of products produced to ensure the traceability of product quality;

3. Responsible for organizing and dealing with abnormal events on the site, and reporting to the superior in a timely manner, so as to eliminate the safety hazards in the production area and prevent accidents;

4. Responsible for the formulation, implementation and schedule control of the daily production plan of the workshop;

5. Reasonably allocate personnel and equipment, adjust production layout and improve production efficiency;

6. Responsible for management of production site (materials, personnel, cost, environment, etc.)

7. Organized the workshop production staff to participate in the training;

8. Have strong executive ability, communication ability, and solve emergencies in the production process;

Job requirements:

1. Major in  machinery and Mechnical & Electrical engineering;

2. Responsible for the quality management, review, distribution work order and production organization of the production site and products;

3. Arrange production according to production plan, execute various production tasks and achieve the target;

4. Control the production schedule and material consumption cost, and use limited tools and equipment;

5. Responsible for the management of the production site, the handling of abnormal situation on the site, and the timely communication with relevant personnel;

6. Responsible for technical training of new employees before they start to work;

7. Basic computer operation, familiar with production process and quality management;

8. Good coordination, communication and team management skills;


Production management office