Mechanical NON- MIL standard product designer

2018-08-09 12:50:14 Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. Read

 If you have one or more of the following vision and work experience, you can contact us and we will provide an interesting and meaningful opportunity

Job requirements: 

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical automation, electromechanical integration, mechanical manufacturing;

2.At least 3 years of automation equipment design (structural design) experience, proficient in CAD or SolidWroks related software;

3. Have a solid knowledge of mechanical theory and rich practical design experience, have independent design ability, and can take charge of technical inspection of structure and drawings;

4. Strong sense of time, quality awareness and organizational ability, strong planning ability and experience in tracking project development progress;

5. No bad hobbies, good healthy condition, dedicated and able to work under great pressure;

 6. Experience in connector design is preferred.


Product designer work scene