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  1. JRREADY YJQ-1C Open Frame Hexagongal Crimp Tool
  2. JRREADY YJQ-1C Open Frame Hexagongal Crimp Tool
  3. JRREADY YJQ-1C Open Frame Hexagongal Crimp Tool
  4. JRREADY YJQ-1C Open Frame Hexagongal Crimp Tool
  5. JRREADY YJQ-1C Open Frame Hexagongal Crimp Tool

JRREADY YJQ-1C Open Frame Hexagongal Crimp Tool

1. Designed according to MIL-C-22520/5-01;
2. Equipped with DWQ-05die;
3.Used for crimping wires and contacts in 12# BNC crimp 
and crimping of 8# Shielded Twisted Pair contacts and shielded wires , 8# Shielded Twisted Pair center contacts and shielded wires, which is
in Y27(GJB599) series small circular, environment resistance, quick  disconnection , high density electronic connectors .
5. Equipped with DWQ-05 die.
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Standard: MIL-C-22520/5-01 (Not QPL)

Model: YJQ-1C

Crimp Style: /

Material: Mould Steel

Selector Numbers: /

Wire Size (AWG/mm²): /

Thru-hole Diameter (mm): /

Dimensions (mm): 279*62*51

Internal Number: D27

Weight (g): 625g

YJQ-1C is designed according to MIL-C-22520/5-01; Used for crimping wires and contacts in 12# BNC crimp and crimping of 8# Shielded Twisted Pair contacts and shielded wires ,8# Shielded Twisted Pair center contacts and shielded wires, which is in Y27(GJB599) series small circular, environment resistance, quick disconnection , high density electronic connectors

Interchangeable dies can be installed and fixed in a proper position with pins. According to the needs of customers, we can continuously develop new dies, and we can also specially design and manufacture tool kits.

Model of check tool: G155 (Note: the gage needs to purchase separately)

Wire Sizes and Contacts, as following: 

Crimp Position


Die Model

8# Shielded Twisted Pair

SEFF-78-1-51 Standard Wire


8# Shielded Twisted Pair center contacts

SEFF-78-1-51 Standard Wire


12# BNC crimp

SFF-50-2-51 Standard Wire


Crimp Styles


Die Instructions  


Die Installation


1. Align die rail slots in die halves with the rail in the crimp tool and push shank of dies into holes. Dies will snap into place. (See Figure 1)

2. Close tool handle to make sure dies are properly seated. The tool is now ready for use.


Die Removal


1. With the crimp tool handle open, place die removal tool against end hammer (See Figure 2). The die will be released from the front die holder. It can now be removed by hand.

2. Close the crimp tool handle and slide the die removal tool between the die and tool body (See Figure 3). Pull handle open with a snap action. The die will be released and can then be removed by hand.


Die Combination

1. Install the die on the crimp tool handle;

2. After installing the die, force the locking pin into the hole and keep it flush. The long locking pin is inserted into the tool frame and the short locking pin is inserted into the push rod (see Figure 4).


Note: Die removal tool part number HX3-82 is furnished with crimp tool. If die removal tool is not available, a rod approximately 3/16’’ diameter X 13/4’’ long may be used.