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  1. JRready G120 GO-NOGO Gage
  2. JRready G120 GO-NOGO Gage
  3. JRready G120 GO-NOGO Gage
  4. JRready G120 GO-NOGO Gage
  5. JRready G120 GO-NOGO Gage

JRready G120 GO-NOGO Gage

1.Used for testing the indenter working diameter of crimping tools;
2.Designed according to M22520/3-2;
3.Go and No Go gauge integration for convenient use;
4.Accurate identification & replaceable gage pin to prevent misfit of gage pin;
5.Small size, easy to carry, convenient to outdoor use.
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Brand: JRready

Standard: MIL-C-M22520/3-2

Model: G120

Match Tool: GS100-1

Material: GCr15

Indenter Working Dia (in/mm): GO: 0.0960 (2.44)- NO-GO:0.1000 (2.54)

Internal Number: G120

Weight (g): 15

G120 is designed according to M22520/3-2. Each crimp tool has accurate indenter working diameter. The gage is necessary to ensure the crimp tool is in proper working status before using or after being used for a certain period of time.


1528770137455176.jpg  1528770141227047.jpg

1.Operate the tool to the fully closed working position. Set the crimp tool to the correct selector number

2.If the “GO” gage end (Green) can pass freely, but the NO-GO end (Red) can not pass completely, it means the tool is still qualified

3.If the “GO” gage end (Green) can not pass, but the NO-GO end (Red) can pass completely, it means the tool is not qualified




1.After using, the gage should be put into the special tool box to prevent the bending deformation of the gage pin.

2.Regularly wipe with antirust oil to ensure that the surface of gage pin is clean.