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  1. JRready  K-DWQ-07 Positioner
  2. JRready  K-DWQ-07 Positioner

JRready K-DWQ-07 Positioner

1.Non-standard series ;
2. Match Tools: YJQ-1B(manual).
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Brand: JRready

Standard: /

Model: K-DWQ-07

Match Tools: YJQ-1B

Material: Copper

Dimension (mm): 23.62*23.75

Internal Number: P9105 (copper)

Weight (g): 9.7

The K-DWQ-07 positioner is a fixed positioner which belongs to non-standard series. It can be installed directly on the crimping tool and requires no adjustment. It is used to locate contacts horizontally and vertically between the indenters of the tools to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the crimp position. 

Installation of Positioner


1. Before installing the positioner, the tool should be open;

2. Remove the safety clip from positioner guide;

3. Select the correct positioner for terminal crimping;

4. Insert the positioner into positioner guide, push down and then rotate 90 °, until bayonet pins lock;

5. Remove the spring clip from the selector knob, adjust it to the correct selector position.