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  1. JRready OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool
  2. JRready OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool
  3. JRready OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool
  4. JRready OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool
  5. JRready OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool

JRready OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool

1. Applied to remove MIL series and some of NON-MIL round contacts without any damages to the electric connectors;
2. The brace pipe has an ejector pin to facilitate the removal of contacts;
3. Small size, convenient to carry, good choice for outdoor using.
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Brand: JRready

Standard: /

Model: OUTEXT0321

Connector Model: 

Material: Mould steel

Dimension (mm): 155.5

Internal Number: A9

Weight (g): 41.5

The OUTEXT0321 Removal Tool is designed according to the special needs of customer;The yellow oxidation appearance makes it look concise and the containing ejector pin helps to remove the contacts easily.

The Principle of Removal Tool 



Removal Instruction


Step 1: Prepare the removal tool and find the contact to be taken out


Step 2: Insert the removal tool into the electronic connector until it reaches the bottom 


Step 3 : Push the contact out gently


Step 4 : Remove the contact