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  1. JRready  HD-C000 Lifting Positioner
  2. JRready  HD-C000 Lifting Positioner

JRready HD-C000 Lifting Positioner

1. Non-standard series;
2. Match Tools: YJQ-H1Q(pneumatic);
3. For the positioning of twist pins or miniature contacts.
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Brand: JRready

Standard: /

Model: HD-C000

Match Tools: YJQ-H1Q

Material: Copper

Dimension (mm): 3.635*0.945

Internal Number: P1300 (copper)

Weight (g): 55

The HD-C000 Lifting Positioner is a non-standard series, which is used for crimping and positioning the twist pins or miniature contacts. It has a lock nut and an adjusting nut. The crimping position can be adjusted by adjusting the nut. The lifting way is convenient for the contact to pick and place. Every standard and precise crimping is guaranteed.

Installation of Lifting Positioner 


1. After the positioner is fixed on the crimp tool, the ejector rod is lifted out of the crimping working surface by the lifting rod

2. Put the terminal into the positioning hole

3. Retract the top bar back into the crimping hole and crimp it

4. Complete the crimping