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    JRready UH4-C0001 Universal Positioner

    1. Not the MIL standard positioner;
    2. Adjusting screw and lock nut are respectively used in length adjustment and nut lock;
    3. Match tools: YJQ-M300 (manual) YJQ-W4Q(pneumatic).
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    Brand: JRready

    Standard: /

    Model: UH4-C0001

    Match Tools: YJQ-M300, YJQ-W4Q

    Material: Aluminum

    Dimension (mm): 29.95*37.5

    Internal Number: P0501

    Weight (g): 63

    UH4-C0001 is used to locate contacts horizontally and vertically between the indenters of the tools to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the crimp position. The height adjusting screw can be rotated until the contact is in the proper position for crimping. After the position is adjusted, lock the lock nut. Then insert the contact to complete the crimping.

    Installation of Positioner


    1. Keep the tool open, and align the pins on the positioner with the pin holes on the mounting ring and press down.

    2. Press the positioner down firmly to fit the positioner on the retaining ring.

    3. Screw in the matching screws.

    4. Tighten with the matching inner hexagon spanner