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    JRready TS-T Universal Positioner

    1. Applied to TS series crimp machine;
    2. With adjustable screw to adjust the length and the lock nut to lock the screw:
    3. Match Tools: TS-01 TS-02 TS-03 (pneumatic).
    1. Detailed information
    2. Video

    Brand: JRready

    Standard: /

    Model: TS-T 

    Match Tools: TS-01 TS-02 TS-03

    Material: Aluminum

    Dimension (mm): 82 (adjustable)*24

    Internal Number: P9117

    Weight (g): 104

    The TS-T is a universal positioner used in TS series crimp machine to crimp rotary contacts. Its adjustable screw and lock nut can adjust the length of the screw according to the length of contacts and achieve the continuous adjustment of crimping depth. Besides, it’s minimum adjusting range: 0.1 mm contributes to precise wire crimping.

    Installation instruction

    1. Installation of positioner: Different positioners can be customized to match the crimp machine, but need to purchase separately .Firstly, screw off the lock screw when the indenters are open and check the paddle if on a natural state. Secondly, install the positioner after reference of the thru-hole and guiding slot. Finally, pull the paddle to fix the positioner and tighten the lock screw.

    2. Caution:After the installation of paddle,the bayonet lock should be on the left of central axis before further installation of positioner, or the positioner will be damaged after crimping.