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  1. JRready DRK-RT1-HOOK Removal Tool
  2. JRready DRK-RT1-HOOK Removal Tool
  3. JRready DRK-RT1-HOOK Removal Tool
  4. JRready DRK-RT1-HOOK Removal Tool
  5. JRready DRK-RT1-HOOK Removal Tool

JRready DRK-RT1-HOOK Removal Tool

1. It is suitable for removing DEUTSCH 16# solid or stamped and formed (S&F) pins and sockets from the front release connectors (DT, DTM, DTV, DRB, DRCP and STRIKE* connectors);
2. Small size, easy to carry, and can be used outdoors;
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Brand: JRready

Standard: /


Connector Type: DT Series Connectors

Material: 440C

Length (mm): 144.9

Internal Number: /

Weight (g): 19

DRK-RT1-HOOK removal tool is mainly used to remove 16# solid contacts in DEUTSCH DT series connectors.

Removal Tool Instruction

Removal Instruction for Sockets

1.  Place the flat end of the removal tool on top of the wedge lock and lift it slowly and then remove it from the connector
(Note: Do not damage the outer seal)
2. Place the flat end of the removal tool in the snap position of sockets inside the connector, and then slowly pry it up
3. Pull out from the wire side and remove the contacts                                                                                                            


Removal Instruction for Pins

1. Align the hooked end with the middle of the wedge lock, rotate the removal tool by 90 °and hook the wedge lock and pull it straight out of the connector
2. Place the flat end of the removal tool in the snap position of pins inside the connector, and then slowly pry it up
3. Pull out from the wire side and remove the contacts