​Tips on the Use and Maintenance of Hand Crimping Pliers

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Tips on the Use and Maintenance of Hand Crimping Pliers

The cold crimping technology is widely used in the fields of wire harness manufacturing, aerospace, new energy vehicles, rail transportation, connector manufacturing, because of its characteristics of high reliability, simple operation, cost saving and no pollution. This makes manual crimping tools more widely used in related manufacturing industries. Then, do you know how to better use crimping tools to extend tool life? Here I will take M22520 series hand crimping pliers for example to tell you a few about the use and maintenance of crimping pliers.


Tip 1 Crimping pliers are precision tools which can not be transferred to other uses and can not operate the tool indiscriminately. Please crimp with the appropriate force. 


YJQ-W1A (M22520/2-01) Hand Crimping Pliers


YJQ-W7A (M22520/7-01) Hand Crimp Pliers +86-37 Adjustable Crimper Positioner

Tip 2 The right crimping tool should be chose to crimp the terminals and wires. When the size of the terminal does not match that of the crimping pliers, there may be insufficient crimp or excessive crimp. Do not insert rigid steel contacts or solid cylindrical contacts into the crimp hole, otherwise it may cause damage to the crimping pliers.

Different Crimping Tools for Different Terminals


Step1 Put the terminal into the crimp hole.

 Step2 Insert the wire into the terminal.

Step3 Press the crimping pliers handle properly to complete crimping. 

Simple Instruction of Terminal Crimping Step(YJQ-W2D)

Tip 3 Use with suitable positioners. Install and remove the crimper positioners with the correct method. When you install or remove the positioner, the tool must be in fully open position. After crimping, remove the positioner carefully and store it securely.


Installation of Screw-adjustable Positioner UH2-5(M22520/1-05) 


Installation of TH163 Turret Head

Tip 4 Do not twist the wire to be crimped. Otherwise it will affect the terminal and wire crimping effect, affecting the tension value.


Do not twist the wires to be crimped


Wire Crimping Cross-section after twisting the wire

Tip 5 Keep the indenter tips clean and carefully remove any remaining deposits, but do not immerse the tool directly in cleaning solution.


Indenters tips of YJQ-W2A (M22520/1-01) Manual Crimping Tool


Indenters tips of YJQ-W1A (M22520/2-01) Manual Crimping Tool

Tip 6 Crimping pliers should be cleaned and stored in a clean, dry place to prevent dust and impurities from entering the crimp frame, or it will affect the performance of pliers.


The manual crimping tool YJQ-W1A(M22520/2-01)placed in the cleaning box.


Be sure to store it carefully and keep it safe.

Tip 7 Crimping pliers must be regularly inspected and maintained. After being used for a certain period of time, it is necessary to check the accuracy of the crimping pliers with a Go-NOGO gauge. As shown in the picture, operate the tool to the fully closed position. If the “GO” gage end can pass freely, but the NO-GO end can not pass completely, it means the tool is still qualified.


Operation Instruction of Go-NOGO Gauge G125 (M22520/3-01)


 Choose the right one to detect.

Tip 8 If the crimping pliers are broken, parts are scattered or any abnormality is found, stop using them. Do not transform the crimping tool. Do not attempt to disassemble tool or make repairs. Please contact the factory's technical service personnel for repair.



All these use and maintenance knowledge of crimping tools, have you gotten it?